Minutia is a private collective blog that contains a wealth of all that matters to me, Atticus J. Reid. It’s a place to call home where I can share my thoughts, opinions, and investigative journalism with the entire world, or rather, whoever happens upon it. I’m not trying to grow a massive following here; it’s just my little space to share my thoughts, ideas, and projects with the world. Those of you who stick around and read what I’m putting out there, your support means everything, and I appreciate you. If you’re still reading this and want to know a bit more about me, the author of all things here on Minutia and within The Minutia Chronicle, then read on. I’ll briefly walk you through my origin and what inspired me to start this website.

Atticus J. Reid

Born 1999 in a small town in the Northern Midwest of the United States.

Ever since I was a small boy, I have been wildly obsessed with creating stuff, whether it was little origami gifts, drawings of people I liked or inventing my own elaborate paper board games; I never wanted for anything as a child. I spent every moment of my free time throughout childhood either reading books or creating something. I wasn’t a very popular kid, but it never bothered me; I was always searching for answers, asking questions, and thinking up my next creative endeavor. All of these core traits have followed me into adulthood, and with the strange period of stagnancy coming to a halt at the tail end of the 2020 pandemic, I knew I needed a space to centralize all of my creative projects under one label. So I decided to found Minutia, a place where all of my investigative work, journalism, and odd projects can share a roof. As of October 1st, 2021, I have begun my journey here to provide all of you, my precious few readers, with the highest quality assortment of content. Whether that may be unbiased, unsponsored reviews, investigative journalism, reports, how-to’s, or even just some advice or speculative conjecture, it will all share one key commonality… unparalleled attention to detail. Every detail.

Minutia… the small, precise, or trivial details of everything.